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Dr. Mills has built on the field generally known as Quantum Mechanics by deriving a new classical physical atomic theory from first principles, the Grand Unified Theory of Classical Physics (GUT-CP) which unifies Maxwell s Equations, Newton s Laws, and Einstein s General and Special Relativity.

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on quantum field theory. Third, the Yang-Mills theories that we construct are theories with a tremendous amount of symmetry. One of the most famous results in physics is Noether's theorem, which links continuous symmetries to conserved quantities in the system. We won't be

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Yang–Mills theory and quantum criticality. Our nonrelativistic gauge theory in D + 1 dimensions will be similarly associated with relativistic Yang–Mills in D dimensions. Our gauge field is a one-form on spacetime, with spatial components A i = A i a (x j, t) T a and a time component A 0 = A 0 a (x i, t) T a.

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Quantum Field Theory and the Standard Model is new textbook from Cambridge University Press, covering the foundations and methods of modern particle physics. ... Yang-Mills theory 26. Quantum Yang-Mills theory 27. Gluon scattering and the spinor-helicity formalism 28. Spontaneous symmetry breaking 29. Weak interactions 30. Anomalies 31 ...

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Yang-Mills theory plays a central role in explaining fun-damental interactions, because both the strong and weak interactions are described by Yang-Mills theories.1,2 Stu-dents are usually introduced to Yang-Mills theory in the context of quantum field theory and never encounter Yang-Mills theory in its classical form. In contrast, students do

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Apr 06, 2016· Since in dimension two Yang-Mills theory has a rigorous continuum limit of the lattice formulation, it makes sense to ask whether the two approaches are consistent (i.e., do perturbative ...

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Yang Mills Existence and Mass Gap Problem : Prove that for any compact simple Lie group G, a non-trivial quantum Yang-Mills theory exists on R 4 (space-time) and predicts a mass gap Δ > 0. If this theorem is proved then the whole of Modern Physics will start having a strong Mathematical foundation.

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4 Conclusion 11 1 Introduction Three of the four best theories that model fundamental interactions are of the Yang-Mills type (YM): quantum electrodynamics, quantum electroweak theory

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It is shown that Yang-Mills theory on a smooth surface, when suitably quantized, is a topological quantum field theory. This topological gauge theory is intimately related to two-dimensional conformal field theory.

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Sep 06, 2016· 4:44 - Our attribution Migdal-Witten is one suggested from the monograph arxiv:0101239, owing to Migdal's original formulation in 1976 and Witten's seminal work on 2D Yang-Mills in the early 90s ...

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Hydrino Theory, Which Overturns Quantum Theory, Is In Turn Overturned By Doofusino Theory by Scott son On December 28, 1999, The Village Voice, long respected for its hard-hitting journalism and unimpeachable scientific integrity, ran a cover article entitled "QUANTUM LEAP" by Erik Baard.

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The Yang-Mills theory is more of a (pardon my French) paradigm than a "theory", in the sense Yang-Mills sets up a framework for theories like QCD (as opposed to giving an hypothesis). As an "input", Yang-Mills requires some specified gauge group.

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Yang–Mills theory is a gauge theory based on the SU group, ... In the non-abelian case, the ghost field appears as a useful way to rewrite the quantum field theory without physical consequences on the observables of the theory such as cross sections or decay rates.

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Quantum Yang-Mills Theory Arthur Jaffe and Edward Witten 1 The Physics of Gauge Theory Since the early part of the twentieth century, it has been understood that quantum mechanics is needed to describe nature at the subatomic scale.

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By the 1950s, when Yang–Mills theory was discovered, it was already known that the quantum version of Maxwell theory – known as Quantum Electrodynamics or QED – gives an extremely accurate account of electromagnetic fields and forces. In fact, QED improved the accuracy for certain earlier quantum theory predictions by several orders of ...

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Quantum Yang–Mills Theory Arthur Jaffe and Edward Witten 1. The Physics of Gauge Theory Since the early part of the twentieth century, it has been understood that the description of nature at the subatomic scale requires quantum mechanics.

Introduction to Yang-Mills theory

Introduction to Yang-Mills theory

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Mills theory from a quantum-information perspective. Our setting is that of the hamiltonian for- mulation of pure Yang-Mills theory in the temporal gauge on the lattice.

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This section is devoted to a review of R. Mills' grand uni ed theory of classical quantum mechanics" (CQM), which he claims to be a consistent, deterministic, and Lorentz invariant replacement of standard quantum mechanics [23].


On the other hand, quantum Yang-Mills theory can also be formulated on a lattice, whereby one obtains a mathematically rigorous, nonperturbative approach that avoids the formal aspects of the continuum theory outlined above.

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quantum Yang-Mills theory of the electroweak force which is a component of the Standard Model and which includes both massive and massless gauge particles. These theories were only discovered after several key experimental and theoretical breakthroughs in the late 1960s and early 1970s. After it be-

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Quantum Yang-Mills theory is now the foundation of most of elementary particle theory, and its predictions have been tested at many experimental laboratories, but its …

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Short, intuitive attempt: In the 50s, Yang and Mills tried to generalise the theory of spin to "isospin", a symmetry between neutrons and protons (which can be considered as different kinds of "nucleons").

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Quantum Yang–Mills Theory Arthur Jaffe and Edward Witten 1. The Physics of Gauge Theory Since the early part of the twentieth century, it has been understood that the description of nature at the subatomic scale requires quantum mechanics. In quan-

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Mills' theory is presented in his book, The Grand Unified Theory of Classical Quantum Mechanics (November 1995). This is a huge achievement for three reasons. First, the Mills Theory tidies up theoretical physics by stitching together quantum mechanics and relativity.

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Foundations of Quantum Field Theory and It's Particulates Miguel A. Sanchez-Rey Abstract We propose a solution to the Mass Gap and Yang Mills problem establish by the Clay

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Quantum Yang-Mills theory with a non-abelian gauge group and no quarks is an exception, because asymptotic freedom characterizes this theory, meaning that it has a trivial UV fixed point. Hence it is the simplest nontrivial constructive QFT in 4 dimensions.

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The Segal-Bargmann Transform for Two Dimensional Quantum Yang-Mills Sergio Albeverio*, Brian C. Hall**, and Ambar N. Sengupta*** Abstract. The Segal-Bargmann transform of certain Wil-son loop variables for quantum Yang-Mills theory on the ... In the present paper we will examine this transform for the case of the two dimensional quantum Yang ...